First time doing flowers!

My aunt asked me to do my cousin's wedding reception on a whim and I agreed. I had never done anything like it before, but found this website and read the reviews and they were great, so I went for it! The flowers arrived and they were beautiful and easy to work with. I followed the directions on the website and it all went great. At the reception, one of the waitresses marveled at the beauty of the flowers and wondered which florist in town did them, and I said, I did them. She asked what floral shop I owned, and I said, nope, this is my first time, I ordered the flowers off the internet and they are beautiful. She felt them to make sure they were real. She said they were some of the most beautiful flowers she had ever seen at the venue. It was high praise! The cost of the flowers were amazing compared to what it would have cost to have a florist do 20 centerpieces. I would use them any time again!

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