FiftyFlowers made my wedding!

Backstory: A tornado wiped out the home and business of my florist about 3 weeks before my wedding. I was frantic! So I did the only thing that someone who grew up in the internet age would do in a crisis: I Googled! Upon doing so I came across FiftyFlowers. (Let it be known: I had NO prior floral experience.) After reviewing their website I fancied myself an expert! So, I ordered. I may have been a bit impulsive - as I gave it all of 30 minutes earnest consideration - but HEY! what else was I going to do!? My flowers arrived on time. The literature that I had printed provided detailed instructions. I had one freak out moment when I thought my ranunculus were opening too fast, so I emailed customer service a photo. They responded immediately, suggesting that I put the blooms in the fridge. I followed orders and... wha-la, the opening process slowed down and everything was fine! I had huge bouquets (bigger than the ones I was promised from the florist) at 1/4 the price! Please don't think of me as cheeky or insincere when I say that truly was the most painless part of my entire wedding.

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