Fifty flowers makes dreams come true!

When I began discussing my plan to arrange the flowers for my wedding myself people thought I was crazy. Known for finding the best bargain out there, I knew from the reviews and testimonials that the quality and price would be worth it. After much debate with family and friends I decided to order the flowers for decor and the reception and hire a florist for the bouquets. Worst mistake ever! The beauty and size of the flowers from FiftyFlowers compared to the florist flowers was remarkable. The customer service was excellent even with my incessant questions the day we ordered, which was not the case with the florist who after three consultations ordered the wrong color hydrangeas and gave me half the flowers we paid for the day of the wedding. I would highly suggest any DIY bride to use FiftyFlowers for their special day! I wanted a lot of flowers without the huge price tag and my dream came true because of the quality and value of! My only regret was not upgrading to the larger wedding combo and assembling my own bouquets too!

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