Fall Greenpoint Loft Wedding

Getting married in the Greenpoint Loft was a no-brainer. We live a few blocks away, it had the perfect aesthetic for our tastes, and allowed us to build the whole wedding from the ground up. It is a totally blank slate. I have a good amount of floral design experience, as does my sister, so I decided right away that I would do all of the flowers for my wedding. Using FiftyFlowers was such a blessing. Even though I live nearby the NYC flower district, carving out the time in the days before the wedding to go there would have been incredibly stressful and I am SO happy I decided to order instead! We got many of the flowers three days before the wedding and I used a bunch of buckets (from Home Depot) to prep them and get them hydrated. We had an issue with the very important silver dollar eucalyptus getting lost in the mail, so we didn't get that until the day before. Luckily, they arrived in great shape and really did not need to be prepped at all. We used one box to make the garland, wreaths, bouquets and boutonnieres, and then saved the other box for day-of decorating such as laying on the tables and placing in our mini bottle arrangements. I had the help of my sister, three friends, and some of the catering staff to get it all done during wedding day set-up and it turned out so great! It was so nice to have control of how everything turned out and it was also a HUGE money-saver to order from FiftyFlowers. We would have easily spent at least 4 to 5x as much using a florist.

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