Fall Fabulous!

I ordered all these flowers (over 600 flower blossoms) 3 days prior to event as directed. They came well packaged in 3 boxes and shipped via FedEx. The delivery was about 4 hours late due to a rain storm....but I had the next 3 weeks off so no rush to go anywhere.

I followed the care instructions to a "T". The purple Lisianthus flowers had some unopened buds broken off during delivery....only thing that I wasn't satisfied about.
During the grooms dinner, I had all my bridesmaids create their own bouquet. They could choose any flowers and as many as they wanted. For not being "professionals" I think they turned out very well & we had a lot of fun making them.

I had daisies substituted in the combo pack as I already ordered Spider mums. The daisies came with a green supportive tube around the stem, we left these on up until pics. After a few hours the blossom of the daisy became too heavy for the weak stem and started to droop. I would advise to leave the tube in place if able & just cover with ribbon or put in the center of the bouquet so you cant see the tube.

We made 32...yes, 32 centerpieces! One for each table, the guests could not believe I had REAL flowers on every single table! You can see from the pick, the netting remains on the flowers until reception time.

Fantastic product, very happy and they cost a fraction of what a florist would have charged.

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