Fairytales Can Come True at Any Age...

Michael and I married after dating for 21 years. We have been together so long people considered us married but we didn't. I was floored when Michael proposed on the beach in Cape May last year. Right after Michael proposed we found out about a child that needed a home. We started the process to adopt along with wedding planning. I was as excited as any 24 year old bride. Since we are an older couple getting married, I was worried about people thinking a wedding was silly. I wanted something tiny, Michael wouldn't hear of it. He wanted a wedding ( his first at age 60) shared with family and friends. Once I agreed, friends, Pinterest and I started to plan.
It was fun planning a wedding. We and 11 children 2 bridesmaids and my (our) son in the wedding. I am so glad I listened to Michael it was a magical day filled with love. Our dear ones had a great time.

We were married at a historic Inn. The flowers needed to be romantic but glamorous enough for a black tie affair. Since we would be ins several different places during the day I needed a variety of flowers based on each location. We had flowers based on each area all in the same color scheme but different. We needed different flowers for an outdoor patio cocktails , entry and walkway, bar, dining room and finally flowers for the wedding ceremony. I wanted each area to have a distinct feel. From the very beginning I knew I would order from 50 flowers. We used 50 flowers 6 years earlier for my sons wedding and the flowers were perfect. I found exactly what I wanted then sent the photos to 50 flowers and they helped me decide which flowers to order based on look and hardiness . The flowers came exactly as promised. I followed all directions to the letter. I put everything together 2 days before the wedding. I kept the flowers in a cold room about 65 degrees. On the morning of our afternoon wedding we put everything out. The flowers bloomed perfectly. We got lots of compliments on the flowers and aisle. I enjoyed putting the flowers together, it felt really good to create something beautiful for our special day. I got exactly what I wanted at a fraction of the cost which we used towards a magnificent honeymoon. We took our new little one on our honeymoon to Europe. Its all been a beautiful experience. Thanks for helping us having the wedding of our dreams 50 flowers.

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