Extremely Pleased with the Cust. Service & Flowers

I decided last minute that I wanted to have fresh flowers in purple hues at the reception of my daughter's wedding so I checked out Fifty Flowers at the suggestion of another bride. I have never worked with fresh flowers before so I just blindly put the order in unsure of how soon they should be delivered. I was pleasantly surprised when I got a call from their customer service advising me of the best timing for fresh flower arrival as it was different than the date I picked. The day before they were to arrive I got calls and emails from FF informing me that my order had been held up by USDA indefinitely! But...that they would overnight another shipment and it would arrive at the very same time the other order was to arrive. It did! And..as an added blessing the original flowers arrived with them. Fifty Flowers called and email again to make sure I got my flowers. They also gave me excellent help on how to care for them. The flowers looked much like the picture on the website. There was a generous amount. The picture I posted does have added baby's breath that we bought elsewhere (highly recommend ordering lots of bb to enhance your decorations for ceremony and reception). Our flowers arrived the day before the wedding and they were fresh and packaged very securely. I will use Fifty Flowers again if the occasion arises and I will heartily recommend them!!

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