Exceeded Expectations!

My situation was a bit unusual in that I live in NJ and was planning a formal Bridal shower for my Niece to be held in Indianapolis. Fifty flowers made everything so easy! I selected the beautiful Varsity blues "package" because they were the perfect colors. I had the flowers shipped to my sisters house in Indianapolis three days before the event and they were perfection! The colors, quality, freshness, and quantity were above standard and exactly what I (we) wanted. When the neatly packed bundles arrived at my sisters (three day ahead) house she filled a few large coolers with about 4 inches of water and placed all of the flower s in the water. James and his team were so helpful, as no one in my family are florists so we were concerned that something could go wrong or that the arranging could be a disaster. We learned how to cut the flowers, got tips for arrangements in a matter of a few moments. Arranging the flowers together with my mother and sister was a fun experience that we will always remember. There were more than enough flowers, so I was able to create some extra decoration "settings" at the bar, reception table, and cake table. A guest at the shower asked me if the country club florist did the flowers........I just smiled and said " Oh no, I did them with Fifty Flowers". I will use Fifty flowers again.

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