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At first I was a little panicked when I saw the box that was dropped off by the FedEx guy, to use his word... it was "crushed" (I don't know what I was expecting the box to look like, after all the Callas came from Ecuador.)

However, after the initial panic passed I opened the box and ahhhhhhhhhh they were beautiful!!! Perfectly wrapped, and out of all 300 that I ordered only two were damaged/wilted! I couldn't believe my eyes!!! I got started on the bouquets right away and they all turned out amazing! Then the morning of the wedding I worked on the guys boutonnieres, which also turned out great! Everyone kept asking who did my flowers and they couldn't believe it when I said that I did them on my own!

When I initially sat down with a florist I was ready to just give in and get the cheaper flowers in order to save some money, ( I had nine girls and they wanted $130 each for Bridesmaids bouquets that were half the size...yikes!) With Fifty Flowers my bouquets were EXACTLY how I wanted them and they cost under $40 a bouquet!

These callas were so hearty my mom had some extras in a vase on her countertop for 4 almost 5 weeks after the wedding!!! I am so elated that I decided to go with Fifty Flowers for our wedding flowers, and my husband is elated that we saved that much on them!!

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