Everyone LOVED my Billy Balls!

Calling 4 days (3 business days, really) before my private wedding/elopement, I should have gotten laughed off the phone. I probably should have gotten someone who wasn't located in this country or at the very least, gotten my order messed up. But instead, I got a dream. A *real* dream come true! I had wanted Billy Balls as my wedding flowers from the moment I got engaged (maybe before, actually). Traveling from Baltimore to New Orleans for my wedding meant I would do a fake bouquet. I thought it would be just fine if my photographer used a nice soft filter and no one would ever notice. When I told this to my mom, step-mom, and girlfriends it was met with quite a bit of opposition. They told me that I can't be a gardener who grows roses, dahlias, and peonies, and then go to a craft store to buy flowers?!?!? It just wouldn't be me! After rummaging through the wedding industrial complex and all of the other offerings that the internet provided, I found myself here. Once here, I called. Once I called, I spoke to the most amazing real life recent bride herself who was every bit as understanding of a last minute bride (she too, had eloped) without one ounce of told-ya-so or judgment. She had taste and style and shared it selflessly, but all while appreciating my frugality. She absolutely made my dreams come true. My order was one hundred percent perfect. My flowers actually arrived to the hotel a DAY ahead of me. The hotel was incredibly accommodating, bordering on excited, to have such an amazing and large quantity of beautiful flowers to view for a day prior to my arrival. When I posted the wedding pictures to my account on a social networking website, the flowers got as many compliments as I did! I was so pleased to see that others enjoyed them as much as me. And to know that *I* arranged them and styled them in a manner best suited to my desires, and my husband's taste, was a way that I could add a personal touch to nature's beauty on our day.

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