Eucalyptus Summer Wedding

From the beginning of my wedding planning days I was pretty sure I wanted to order my flowers online. I'm a fairly creative person and I have a few family members I knew would be good at flower arranging. It was a long process of counting the number of stems I would need and making spreadsheets to keep up with the cost and my budget but I finally ordered my flowers less than a month before my wedding. I'm a bit of a procrastinator, which isn't always great for wedding planning, but since they don't ship till right before the delivery date anyway everything worked out great! My wedding was on July 7th and the recommended delivery date was the 5th, but because of independence day I could only select the 3rd or the 6th. So I called Fifty Flowers to see if they had any suggestions on what I should do and they were super helpful and put this stressed bride at ease. I went ahead and ordered everything to be delivered on the 3rd. The only real flowers I ordered were garden roses and they told me they would be able to be delivered on the 5th so it was perfect! When everything arrived I just followed the care instructions and everything looked and stayed fresh. My wedding was about an hour and a half away from my house so we needed everything to be ready by Thursday night because we were leaving on Friday and spending the night there. So my mom and some of my bridesmaids came and we spent all day cutting stems, making bouquets, arranging centerpieces, crafting flower crowns and tying ribbons around boutonnieres. By the end of the night we were exhausted and not 100% sure how we were going to transport all these flowers to the venue. But the next day each of my family members took a few vases and a bucket of greens and they all made it to the venue still looking fresh. The flowers stayed at the venue from Friday around 3 till after the wedding ended on Saturday around 10:30pm and they never looked wilted or even tired. I had most of greens for a little over four total days and the roses for a little over two days and I was so happy with how nicely everything held up and how beautiful everything looked. Honestly one of my favorite memories from my whole wedding process was getting together with my family and friends and chatting while we got all the flowers ready.

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