Enchanted Bridal Bouquet

My fiancé and I ordered the bridal bouquet as a trial run for our wedding. We wanted to see how they were packaged and how the flowers looked in person. Let me tell you, the photos on the website, while amazing, did not do this bouquet justice!

The first photo that we shared shows how well packaged the flowers are. The bouquet was packaged with a sponge that moisturized the flowers while they were in transit. They are tied down to the cardboard so they don't move while in transit. There were instructions included in the box that told us what we had to do with the flowers upon receiving them, which was really very little. Basically carefully remove them from packaging and put them in water.

The second picture that we shared is a closeup of the bouquet with me in my wedding dress right after we unboxed the flowers. You can see that some are still in the bud state and haven't opened up yet. Right after we took the photo, we put them in a vase of water. We used a crystal vase that we already had, with about a 3-4" opening and it was perfect for the bridal bouquet. The flowers are beautifully arranged with a satin ribbon on them which we just lifted and let rest over the rim of the vase.

The following photos we shared show the flowers two days after we received them. We had a few members of our bridal party come to see the flowers, as they were doubtful of me when I told them I planned on doing the flowers myself. I love that these flowers are so beautiful and that the bouquets are premade! This has me looking forward to ordering the enchanted package for our bouquets and bulk flowers to make all of our centerpieces. This experience has made us so excited to order all of our wedding flowers from Fifty Flowers!!

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