Eastern Tennessee--Mountain Wedding

It had been a dream of mine to get married in Roan Mountain State Park since I was a young girl, and although many of my wedding ideals changed throughout the years, that desire never did. I wanted a small and intimate wedding that encapsulated the freedom and beauty I always experience when visit these mountains, and I knew that the flowers would play a big part in portraying that. The floral arrangements and bouquets were two "nonnegotiable" parts of my wedding planning. My Fifty Flowers consultation with Violet was so helpful! My consultant was patient and looked at numerous pictures to get a feel for our wedding vibe, and she worked really hard to give me the flowers that I wanted without pushing me outside of my budget. I cannot believe the amount of flowers and greenery that I got! It didn't seem like a ton when we put them in buckets of water upon arrival, but when we started making the arrangements, it was clear that we had more than enough for what we had planned. The instructions and tips sent after the consultation were thorough, and I had no trouble getting the flowers to "perk up" in time. Our wedding was the week of July 4th, so delivery dates were limited. My flower consultant also helped me to choose flowers that would be slower to bloom so that the earlier delivery (Tuesday delivery for a Friday wedding) would work to our advantage.

Unfortunately, it did rain quite a bit during the day of our wedding, so we had to move our ceremony indoors at the last minute. Thanks to all of the beautiful flowers and greenery I had, we had no trouble creating the perfect fireplace backdrop that perfectly suited our style. I should also add that my bridesmaids, two aunts, mother-in-law, and I were able to do all of the flowers and decorating the day before the wedding. We had a great time working on the bouquets and centerpieces together, and I felt that it alleviated so much stress (for me anyways) to know exactly how each arrangement would fit into the space as we were making them. For example, I made an arrangement of only greenery at the last minute for a table where a guest had strong allergies to pollen and flowers. We even had more flowers at the end to add into the fireplace, which added to the dramatic look.

I cannot say enough good things about working with Fifty Flowers for my wedding. I wouldn't change anything, and I have recommended it to many friends as well. They have flowers to suit every style of wedding!

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