Early Spring Raspberry and Gold Wedding

K and I are blessed to have many extremely talented friends so our wedding was filled with handcrafted details and personal touches. My family loves doing crafty projects together, so we chose to take on arranging all the flowers. My mother had helped create all the bouquets for another family friend's daughter's wedding, so she and her friend were excited to do mine.
I processed all the flowers as they came in, some Wednesday, some Thursday and some Friday. I wanted a cascading bouquet so she watched some Youtube videos to figure out how to make them. I got the bouquet holder from Amazon and we set to work the day before the wedding (roses were delayed as I had been sent the wrong yellow ones, which turned into a happy accident! Fifty Flowers was amazing in that they were able to get the correct ones (and doubled the order!) to me in just 2 days so instead of 50 blueberry roses, we had 100! My bouquet turned out amazing, truly the most beautiful I have ever seen. My aunts came into town a few days early too. We and my bridesmaids all joined together to make the centerpieces (big ones for the gold vases and many small ikebana-style arrangements for the smaller tables), corsages and boutonnieres. My aunts made the bridesmaids bouquets, and my mom made a tossing bouquet and many small bouquets tied together, one for each single lady attending the wedding. It all turned out incredibly beautifully and I was so pleased with it! I plan to use Fifty Flowers for all our bulk flower needs, baby showers, bridal showers, etc. They have wonderful customer service and are so easy to work with. And the flowers are gorgeous and fresh and lasted for weeks! I had a ton left over so had lovely arrangements all over our new home. I also brought them to work for my coworkers to enjoy. Photo credits: Elijah Parker (imprint), Jennifer Sellers and family.

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