Early Fall Brooklyn Wedding

Our wedding in Brooklyn was super low budget and as DIY as possible. I spent months creating spreadsheets and mood boards and scouring wedding websites and blogs for ideas. The Fifty Flowers Flower stories were really helpful for me to look through as I planned, so I wanted to share my own! The flowers were the project I was most excited (and nervous) for. I had a baseline of ideas, and a few flowers I knew I wanted, but my consult with Violet opened my eyes to how many more options and combos I was able to get all within budget! My favorites were the Anenome, ranunculus (in a beautiful, juicy, velvety wine color), and the protea. When it was time for the flowers to arrive I was SO nervous that I was going to kill them in my very teeny apartment, but everything went great and all my flowers came in great condition. I had a few concerns about shipping, as well as some questions about the protea after arrival, but all of my questions were promptly answered my FiftyFlowers. I processed all the flowers myself, but had the help of my amazing maid of honor the day before the wedding arranging all of the bouquets and centerpieces. I also created my flower crown the morning of, and it was kind of therapeutic to sit down and create something before all the chaos of the day!

I had the BEST experience with FiftyFlowers, and my flowers came out better than I could have imagined! The flower types and combinations are truly endless, and you can make any unique arrangement or emulate any look your heart desires.I suggest anyone on a budget (or not!) to go with FiftyFlowers for any event that you want to give a little DIY touch!

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