Dream DIY

I knew early on that I wanted to do my own flowers as it is a huge money saver but also because I love to do as much DIY as possible. Throughout my entire wedding-planning process I heard many nay-sayers try to convince me it was a bad idea but I didn't care. I researched and planned making my own 'recipes' and browsing flower options for hours. I felt prepared with all my tools and three days before the event I unboxed the most gorgeous flowers- so exciting! The next night I got all the girls together - bridesmaids, moms, aunts, grandmas, cousins, etc. and we played music and made beautiful arrangements and had so much fun. It was therapeutic to have something to focus on instead of worrying about the pending nuptials. We laughed, were creative, and had such a sense of pride of our amazing creations. I received so many compliments on the flowers that are now in a shadow box in my home. Can't wait to get more pictures back to relive the beauty. Thanks FiftyFlowers!

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