Don't be afraid, you can do your own flowers

I was terrified to do my own flowers but I am so glad I did. I ordered from several places just in case one was late or not good quality. I ordered 90 hydrangeas and 200 white roses from Sams club, these garden roses from FiftyFlowers, Pink and White peony roses and ranunculus from Blooms by the Box. All of the flowers arrived at the same time on the same truck. All arrived packaged well. The ranunculus could not be used but they are known to be fragile flowers. The roses from Fifty flowers were by far the biggest, most lush and most fragrant.
My tips are to have more 5 gallon buckets waiting than you think you need. We had 10 buckets waiting prepared with water and flower food-we had to go get 10 more buckets, the hydrangeas took up so much room. As soon as they arrived I took them out of the box, trimmed under water and removed leaves, thorns etc. let them sit from Thursday until Sat morning. I made the bouquets in less than 30 minutes and they were beautiful. I made 15 centerpieces, 2bouquets, 2 boutonnieres and several vases at the church. Everyone raved about our flowers. I did everything by myself, mainly because I am a control freak, but it was not overwhelming or stressful. Don't hesitate. You can do your own flowers.
I highly recommend FiftyFlowers and will use them for future events

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