DIY Park Wedding

We had a big wedding on a small budget! There were 250 guests, but only an $8,000 budget, so we decided to have our wedding at a San Diego park overlooking the ocean, the bay, and all of downtown San Diego. It made for a beautiful evening of dancing, gorgeous ocean views, and city lights at night, and we did everything that we could ourselves!! Some friends and I made all the cakes, and I handmade about 20 feet of macrame to decorate our ceremony. I wanted to do our flowers ourselves to, and I found FiftyFlowers after looking for low-budget florists. I got some inspiration from flower stories on the website, and then I set up an appointment with a FiftyFlowers consultant. I had my favorites saved, and when I had my phone consultation with Violet, she helped me not only to decide on the right number of flowers for my event, she also gave me arrangement ideas and even helped me to find less expensive options that better fit the weather of my outdoor wedding! Our flowers arrived on Thursday for our Sunday wedding. All of our bridesmaids and groomsmen came over on Saturday morning to arrange our centerpieces, bouquets, and boutonnieres. We used a collection of silver antique dishes, vases, and containers for our 32 centerpieces. The flowers were easy to take care of- we kept them in a dark cool room before and after arranging them until they were transported to our park venue. Arranging was such a fun time together! Everyone got to exercise their own creativity. I wasn't too particular on the exact arrangement of flowers but just made sure that there were the same number and variety of flowers in each centerpiece. I gave the bridesmaids a little bit more agency on choosing what they wanted in their bouquets, but the boutonnieres were all the same. This was an incredible day, and I felt like I got the flowers of my dreams!!

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