DIY Flower Centerpieces

Create your own stunning flower arrangements with our DIY combo boxes! This collection features our newest and best-selling combo packs that you can turn into stunning event centerpieces. Each combo box is made up of hand-selected flowers that compliment each other Just choose your favorite pack and get designing – your arrangement will look nothing but amazing! Shop our full collections of DIY Combos and Wholesale Centerpieces and for more event flower inspiration make sure to check out our blog about budget-friendly DIY wedding centerpieces.

Eucalyptus Wedding DIY Greenery Box

from $114.99

Classic Wedding Greenery Combo Box

from $124.99

Oxblood and Sage DIY Combo Pack

from $179.99

Winter White DIY Combo Pack

from $124.99

Simple Garden Fresh DIY Pack

from $94.99

Monochromatic White Combo Pack

from $94.99

On Cloud Wine DIY Flower Combo Pack

from $109.99

Enchanted Rose DIY Flower Combo Pack

from $114.99

Burgundy Blush DIY Wedding Flower Pack

from $269.99

Delicate Garden DIY Flower Combo

from $169.99

Plum Perfection DIY Flower Combo Pack

from $114.99

Southern Belle Combo Pack

from $94.99

Country Charm DIY Flower Combo Pack

from $114.99

Boho Chic DIY Flower Combo Pack

from $104.99

Rustic Copper DIY Pack

from $214.99

Burgundy Fall Wedding Flower Package

from $194.99

Coastal Vibes DIY Hydrangea Flower Pack

from $124.99

Farmhouse Style DIY Flowers

from $124.99