DIY Centerpiece Combo Box

I ordered a DIY combo box order in November as a trial for my August wedding. I wanted to see how long the flowers took to open, what color they actually were, and how many centerpieces I could make with the box. In the end, I was able to make 20 mason jar centerpieces with the combo box, with a great deal of greenery (no roses) left over.

When the first order arrived, the wrong color roses were in my combo pack. The customer service representative was extremely apologetic and helpful in arranging for the correct color roses to arrive, at no extra cost to me of course. Unfortunately, next day air was not available due to the Thanksgiving holiday. As this was only a trial, I was content with waiting three days for the correct color to arrive. When the replacement package arrived it had the correct color roses, however, instead of the 40 spray roses advertised, only 20 arrived. Again, the customer service representative could not have been more surprised at this error and she refunded me half of my order (as the rest of the order was intact and correct). I could have received a whole new order, however, I declined and accepted the partial refund because this was a trial and I only needed the correct color and amount to determine the look and amount of centerpieces I could make. While I experienced 2 errors in 2 orders, the customer service was extremely helpful and swift in offering replacements or refunds, so I would use them again.

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