Destination Alaska

The bride Jamie and groom Mike, met in Minnesota, their home state. Jamie was a traveling nurse in Alaska. Mike vacationed in Alaska wIth Jamie when she was working there. Their love blossomed in the beauty and grandeur of Alaska. They wanted to get married in Alaska so they could share their love with friends and family in a place with majestic vistas where their love for each other became fully realized. 65 guests and family members traveled to Alaska for 4 days full of laughter, love, and joy. The flowers were shipped to Alaska and arrived in excellent condition. Decorating the venue with 15 friends and family, each adding their special flair and touches made the venue personalized and even more beautiful. Thank you a million times over to FiftyFlowers for helping us all make the wedding day indescribable because words can't express the glories of the day. FiftyFlowers made the bride's vision of garland lined tables full of roses, archway trimmed in garland and roses, baby's breath bundles all decorating the venue, an affordable reality. Until we found the Fifty Flowers website, the cost for the flowers and garland we wanted was totally, totally, ridiculously out of budget. But, FiftyFlowers, and their wedding consultant. Wendy, made it all happen. Thank you over and over. I wish every bride could have such a gorgeous experience.

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