Derek & Gina Wed

Derek Stacy and I met right out of high school in our home town of Ukiah, California in Mendocino County. We started dating and fell in love and followed each other to different cities in California for school and work, we knew we couldn't be apart. We finally ended up in Sacramento with out little dog Bowie (David Bowie) and happy as can be, but Derek knew just being together wasn't enough. Derek asked for my hand in marriage in a little town by the Sea of Cortez in Mexico in 2016 surrounded by our family and I happily said yes. After a year of planning endlessly with our friends and family we finally tied the knot about an hour away from Sacramento right off of Highway 50 on the way to South Lake Tahoe in a little town called Kyburz at The Strawberry Lodge. We couldn't be happier to be each others forever. Nothing has changed because we've always been in love and best friends but everything has changed the moment we said "I Do".

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