Denim Wedding

So we thought it would be kinda fun to see a wedding party in denim, what do you think?

We made a monogramed wood-burned aisle to match the invitations. Ok, truth: we planned to burn the monogram into the wood (how hard can it be? boy scouts do it) and quickly realized it would take a million hours. Word to the wise, if you want to try this DIY, consider Plan B: brown marker and a little shoe polish. :)

The other tricky part was the blue flowers. There are not many naturally occurring blue flowers (and I don't recommend the dyed ones) but here are some very cool choices: tweedia, muscari, light and dark blue delphinium, bachelor buttons/cornflower, nigella, and thistle. We ordered several blue flowers along with some white anemones and a few other white flowers from FiftyFlowers and they were amazing. See for yourself thanks to the photography by Tec Petaja.

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