Dark and Moody

FiftyFlowers is excited to offer a flower collection that perfectly characterizes Dark and Moody this season. Filled with shadowy shades and rich colored blooms, this will enhance all your DIY designs for your home, weddings, and events alike. This collection is filled with fresh wholesale flowers and bulk filler flowers to create the ultimate spooky arrangement. From our black wholesale roses to our bone white bulk carnations, this collection will be a fright! Get inspired and pair with our best selling greenery collection for year round dark and moody delight!

White with Dark Centers Fresh Cut Designer Anemones

from $164.99

Paper White Chrysanthemum Cremon

from $124.99

Curly Willow Branch

from $159.99

Dried Eucalyptus Pods

from $74.99

Brown Thistle Flower

from $114.99

Chocolate Tinted Solidago Flower

from $69.99

Quicksand Cream Roses

from $109.99

Red Hanging Amaranthus Fresh Autumn Greens

from $119.99

Black Magic Rose

from $109.99

Blooming Red Peach Blossom Branches


Black Bacarra Red Rose

from $154.99

Red Dogwood Branches


Preserved Garnet Red Rose

from $134.99

Burgundy Crimson Dried Rose Petals

from $134.99

Vixen Mini Gerbera Daisy

from $209.99

Fall Terracotta Flower

from $124.99

Dahlia Flower Velvet Wine

from $129.99

Shock Novelty Pom Purple Flower

from $124.99

Chocolate Cosmos Flower


Wholesale Fresh Cut Nine Bark Branches

from $214.99

Nigella Pods

from $124.99

Preserved Simple Blue Rose

from $134.99

Midnight Purple Airbrushed Spider Mum

from $124.99

Trachelium Purple Flower

from $179.99

Purple Roses Tinted

from $174.99

Ursula Purple Thistle

from $139.99

Burgundy Black Mini Calla Lily Flower

from $169.99

Midnight Plum Mini Calla Lily Flower

from $104.99

Eggplant Purple Airbrushed Cattails


Dark Eggplant Mini Calla Lily Flower

from $179.99

Preserved Deep Purple Rose

from $134.99

Hint of Gray Industrial Carnation Flowers

from $104.99

Fresh Spanish Moss


Preserved Chimborazo Silver Rose

from $184.99

Silver Wedding Anniversary Airbrushed Hydrangea

from $104.99

Preserved Metalized Deep Silver Rose

from $154.99

Dried Lotus Pods

from $49.99

Black Craspedia Billy Ball Wholesale

from $89.99

Black Airbrushed Hydrangea Flower

from $104.99

Black Harry Kale

from $159.99

Black Roses Tinted

from $174.99

Black and White Rainbow Roses

from $174.99

Preserved Metalized Night Black Rose

from $154.99

Black Pearl Ligustrum Berries

from $124.99

Preserved Night Black Rose

from $134.99

Blue Black Enhanced Succulent

from $299.99

Gothic Black Airbrushed Spider Mum

from $124.99