Dani and Ian - A

Dani and Ian's wedding story took place on a storybook farm, in the last bright light of a warm September sun. The celebration was filled with love, fun and joy ... but ...

Almost no flowers!

When this mother of the bride volunteered to do my daughter's wedding flowers at a magnificent mountain viewed venue in Harrisonburg, VA, I would never have imagined that a hurricane might prevent the flowers from arriving in time! But sure enough, a week before the big day hurricane Irma made landfall and with it, the possibility that my daughter's wedding flowers might not make it out of Equador to Miami in time.

For a week, Sarah and the patient folks at FiftyFlowers put up with many phone calls a day from this panicked Mother of the Bride and I know they were working tireless hours for my and many other orders. This hurricane caused an unprecedented crisis for many weekend weddings all over the country, But FiftyFlowers pulled out all the stops and worked with their contacts to track status and with the shippers on every possible alternative. Sarah and everyone were diligent and kind - doing their very best to calm my fears and dry my tears.

On Friday morning before the wedding, when it seemed as all hope was lost of the flowers making it in time, my heroes at FiftyFlowers made a miracle happen and suddenly the roses were in my town and on their way to my house. When the flowers arrived, I hugged a very surprised FedEx driver and shed tears of joy, and called FiftyFlowers and Sarah to share my heartfelt gratitude.

These "hurricane" roses exceeded all of my expectations in their beauty - despite the harrowing trip they took to get to Virginia. And the greenery I ordered was equally stunning.

On Sunday, September 17, 2017 Dani and Ian were surrounded by those they love, and with laughter and tears they committed to be each other's best person in this next chapter of their lives. They celebrated with rainbows, bride's and groom's babes, tacos, beer, pies, cows, sparklers and one of the most fun reception parties ever ...

Oh and thanks to my heroes at FiftyFlowers - the celebration was filled with flowers ... lots of beautiful flowers!

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