Dad's Vision- Total Success Thanks to FiftyFlowers

Prologue: My story is probably more personal that most that are shared, but I'm going to share it anyway.

My dad (and first best friend) passed away 5 years ago, so I went into wedding planning knowing some things were going to be different given his absence. With that being said, some of my details I knew from the beginning. My dog was walking me down the aisle (I got her after my dad passed away), I wanted converse sneakers for the entire wedding party (myself included) and I wanted BBQ and Tacos for the buffet. Of all the details I had envisioned and saved to my Pintrest board, when it came to flowers I was totally lost. I knew I wanted something simple and casual, while keeping it classy and elegant, but I hardly have a green thumb or brain. I was feeling bummed and lost with certain things without my dad, so I ended up going to a medium who I knew was the real deal (sorry if this goes against some people's beliefs, but I believe in them). For the first time in 5 years, I heard from my dad, and trust me, it was him. Details and things what were mentioned that no one else knew except for the two of us. During that reading, oddly, the wedding flowers came up in conversation. There was more of a vision coming from my passed father than I had for myself. I was told something natural, rustic, and basically looks like you just pulled it out of the wilderness. "Well, that's odd..." I thought to myself, considering I wasn't aware my dad was a plant guy?

Fast forward to 6 months later and I'm calling around to local vendors for floral arrangements. They're way more than I was looking to spend and no one was getting my vision right (the vision I still had no idea what I wanted). That leads me to FiftyFlowers, where Violet was my rep. SHE WAS WONDERFUL. We talked through so many things and finally came down to a vision through pictures of what I was wanting. I opted for the olive branches, italian ruscus, and roses for the bouquets, and eucalyptus and some wax flower for the centerpieces. When the big weekend came, my bridesmaids, family and I sat down in the hotel conference room and put our bouquets together. Everyone was freaking out trying to make it like some picture perfect magazine bouquet and I kept telling them "relax. I want it to look natural. So whatever that means, run with it". You can see from the photos that they all ran with it perfectly and everything looked absolutely stunning. Even the pergola arrangements on either side of the arbor turned out amazing! With the help of FiftyFlowers and my late dad, the entire vision really came together. The wedding was simple, southern, and relaxed, just like my husband and I intended. I can't rave about FiftyFlowers enough, especially because the flowers were the detail that I cared about the least while planning but they REALLY made the statement now looking back at photos. Thank you so much!!

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