Country Girl and a City Boy

Matt and I met after I moved to Houston from a small town in northern California. I had never lived in a big city before and it was honestly a little overwhelming. He showed me around, took me to places he has been going to for years, and after dating for more than a year he asked me to marry him. We joke that the news was too much for my Mom, who was visiting at the time, because that night I took her to the ER for vertigo/dizzy issues. All joking aside, our wedding was a great combination of the country/fun day I had always dreamed of and a good Houston staple that represented Matt and his upbringing. The day went off without too much drama, and after an unfortunate incident with our original cake topper (it broke coming out of the package the day of), we were able to use a couple extra flowers as an impromptu topper. We loved how the day turned out and we love looking at all the photos we got back to remember all the details.

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