Corinne and Jeremy Buystedt

Jeremy and I met in Bend, Oregon on October 11th, 2015, less than a year after I had moved there for college. Jeremy was working at Mcmenamins at the time, a popular place in Bend! A friend and I decided to go there to have some dinner one night after class and Jeremy was our server! I thought he was adorable, and so sweet. If Jeremy tells the story he would say we were giggling and he knew one of us thought he was cute! But I was too shy to say anything myself, so my friend Lauren decided to leave Jeremy a little note on her receipt telling him that I thought he was cute. Jeremy came back later after collecting our payments, and the note, and handed me a receipt with a note asking me for my phone number, I left it for him of course. He texted me a week later and we met up to watch the niners-seahawks game with his brothers! Jeremy told me he loved me on February 4th, 2016 and I will never forget how special that night was, I knew that Jeremy was the one and I cannot wait to be his wife!

Fast forward to our wedding and I knew I had to have daisies, they have always been my favorite flower, we chose the rest of the flowers by the color choices for the wedding and everything came out absolutely beautiful. The colors looked amazing together and we had plenty of flowers, we even added an additional order of peach encounter roses. I thought it was going to be more difficult than it was to execute the flowers myself, I was sure to have a plan in advance for the arrangements, and I was able to complete everything the day before the wedding. In all I wouldn't have changed anything about the flowers that day was perfect and everything looked exactly the way I always dreamed it would on my wedding day. Thank you Fifty Flowers for the beautiful flowers!

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