Coral Daze

So I ordered the flowers on a Wednesday for a wedding on a Saturday as the site recommended. My bridal party and my mother in law were not sure ordering them so soon was a good idea. They were saying things like keep them refrigerated etc. Suffice it to say there's nowhere in my house or fridge to keep 75 roses frozen lol. So they hydrated on the floor in my bedroom and I spritzed them with water every so often, and they were in perfect form for the wedding. No worries there. I put everything together Friday night with my maid of honor. We did lose a few petals as we were putting the boutonnieres and bouquets together. I kept them and sprinkled them on the cake table. All in all the flowers came out beautifully and I'd recommend the site to all. My colors were coral and royal blue. (Oh, FYI that handsome gent by my side is my brother and a groomsman, not the groom.)

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