Centerpieces for Trial Run for the Big Day!

We bought 6 centerpieces as a trial run before fully committing to doing the DIY route for our wedding. We bought several different vases and spent a few nights playing around with the arrangements to see what would work best. I will also be using these flowers for my bouquet. I didn't get any peach spray roses in my order, they were all white, so it didn't turn out quite like the photo. For the actual wedding, we will be purchasing more spray roses separately to ensure we have the color we are looking for, and also to serve as a supplement to bulk up the center pieces more. During our trail, we used a few of the larger roses from another centerpiece, so we will be buying more large roses as well. We liked the center pieces and hopefully we will breeze through them for the big day! Using Fifty Flowers will save us so much money compared to having a florist do our arrangements, so that is an extra plus!

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