Centerpieces for my Daughter's Wedding Shower

I had the opportunity to provide the flower arrangements for my daughter's wedding shower. With the help of a Fifty Flowers floral designer, and three kind friends, the whole experience was wonderful! I followed the directions for each type of flower, and all but one type continue not to disappoint (two days after the shower). Fifty Flowers worked with me to find a good solution for the disappointment I had because of the very sensitive El Aleli Peach that dropped many blooms. I used all of the flowers we ordered to make 10 floral arrangements, 1 large arrangement of hydrangea, and 9 small "mini" vases (actually were candle votives) with 1 hydrangea or 3 stems of cremons each. My sister-in-law opened up her home and held this shower for my daughter on a late March day in the Chicago area. I accepted delivery of all flowers on the day that Fifty Flowers recommended (on Thursday for a Sunday event). Prior to arranging the flowers, I was able to keep them protected from the freezing temperatures by storing them in our cars in the garage over night. The flowers opened up nicely while we arranged them in the warmth of the house. The Fifty Flowers designer did an excellent job recommending options to stay within my budget, yet still get the look I wanted. The guests at the shower were complimentary of the flowers, and some even said they thought a professional had done the arrangements! Well, none of us were ever in the flower business, but had fun seeing the stems come alive in the arrangements! Thank you to my dear friends who helped with the flowers, my sister-in-law for hosting the lovely shower, and the product and service from Fifty Flowers.

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