Celebrate! Floral Art Competition Design at Canada

I was invited to stage a design at this year's Canada Blooms show in Toronto as an International Competitor to represent Canada. Competitors came from Canada, Bermuda, France, South Africa, United States, Barbados, United Kingdom, Ireland and Australia to create a design based on the theme “Celebrate!”

My entire experience dealing with fiftyflowers.com was just amazing. Casey went above and beyond to keep me updated on my order which I ordered from Vancouver to be delivered in Toronto two days before the show.

I was so happy to receive those orchids... they were in peak condition, in fact flawless and lasted throughout the duration of the show... which is rather unusual at a show of this size due to the warm lighting and curious people admiring the flowers. It was also unseasonably warm in Toronto but these orchids just kept impressing me. I think I had to replace only 6 flowers over the course of the week!

My design was inspired by a bubbling glass of Sparkling Wine. But I wanted it to look light and suspended in the moment.

I suspended a total of 120 white Phalaenopsis orchids from 160 meters of beaded wire and fishing line. Each tiny stem was placed in a water filled glass seahorse to keep it hydrated. I also wove 140 meters of Tillandsia Usneoides into garlands with about three strands running up the length of a garland. I also used willow tips manipulated into tendrils.

The mechanics consisted of 9 tubes powered by a small battery to add a constant stream of bubbles between my flowers. Each bubble tube is controlled with a tiny tap to open or close for more… or less bubbles to add dimension.

I won a Gold Ribbon for my design. For more pictures http://www.christinedebeer.ca/designs/celebrate and a video of the staging of the design http://www.christinedebeer.ca/videos/toronto-flower-show-at-canada-blooms-2016

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