Catherine's Bridal Shower

The Peach roses arrived the Thursday before the Sunday Bridal Shower for my daughter, Catherine. I followed the directions and the roses bloomed full and beautiful. They were placed on each table~~ It isn't easy turning a cinder-block room into a garden party! I used every vessel I own to fill with green moss and the Peach Fresh Roses.
I also made wreathes and a letter C filled with flowers. Truth be told, I cheated and bought some extra roses at a local florist to make the "C"...and had to replace most of them by the day before the shower because they were dead already. Lesson learned!
The wedding itself is in a couple of weeks. We are now sticking exclusively with FIFTYFLOWERS for the bouquets and centerpieces for the wedding.
The service has been terrific for this nervous MOB-ster! Hand holding available upon request from FIFTYFLOWERS~~ Have no doubt, you can do this and have a blast doing so! The FIFTYFLOWERS blog, flower stories, chat, email and texts are all the best resources you will find.
PS IT is over a week and the roses are still beautiful! I sent a bunch home with our guests (sans my good china!) and everyone just gushed over them!

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