Bright Kentucky Garden

We had a lush, bright spring wedding at Gardencourt Estate in Louisville, KY. I knew from the beginning of the planning process that I wanted to make my own bridal bouquet. I love bold colors and non-traditional shapes in floral arrangements, and I wanted my bouquet to have the same sense of fun and romance that I hoped our wedding would have. I chose FiftyFlowers as our main supplier for a number of reasons. The flower stories provided great inspiration, especially when it came time to choose our final combination of blooms. FiftyFlowers offered a large selection of flowers that were within our budget, and the flower care tips on the website helped me and my bridesmaids prepare for the flower delivery two days before the wedding. We were so pleased with how well all of our flowers revived after being fed and watered overnight, and they were totally perky when it came time to prepare our bouquets and boutonnieres the morning before the wedding. We had plenty of flowers left over, and my bridesmaid used some of the blooms to decorate the wedding cake (which she made!). I couldn't be more pleased with the quality of the flowers we received from FiftyFlowers. Our bouquets were one of the most complimented parts of the wedding. I am delighted that all of our arrangements were beautifully photographed by Crystal Ludwick so that we can always remember how gorgeous our wedding flowers were!

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