Bright Flowers for a Connecticut Beach Wedding

I found Fifty Flowers after reading a few wedding blog posts from brides who had successfully done their own flowers. Luckily, I have a family that's very crafty and willing to lend a hand! Along with my mother, aunt, sister, mother in law and stepmom in law, we made 15 centerpieces, 2 bouquets, 5 small bouquets, 5 boutonnieres, 10 small ceremony arrangements, and 4 big arrangements for the reception (special thanks to my Aunt for tackling those!). I did my own bouquet, and a bouquet for my maid of honor. My family did all the ceremony and centerpiece arrangements, and my mom did the boutonnieres as well.

It took several hours of prepping and arranging, but was well worth it. I'd estimate we saved close to 75% of what it would have cost to purchase a comparable amount of arrangements from a florist. Fifty Flowers delivered the big impact I was looking for in our wedding flowers at a fraction of what we could have paid. If you have the time and some friends and family to help out, I definitely recommend it!

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