Bright Baby Shower

I ordered the Whimsical Garden Rose Sample Pack to create a few arrangements for a Saturday morning baby shower for my daughter Emily. I selected a combination of pinks and peaches to go with a few brighter flowers I had planned to use. I live in Seattle and the shower was held in Utah at Emily's mother-in-law's home. I pre ordered for a Wednesday delivery and was called back to move the delivery date from Wednesday to Thursday at the recommendation of the grower. The flowers were delivered on Thursday mid-day. My daughter processed them for me as I was not arriving in town until the next day. I received six of each rose:
-Rene Goscinny was very slow to open up. You can see it in the pictures it is a beautiful deep peach to orange rose and it had a beautiful scent. By the time I left Monday it was just about all the way open.
-Sherbet Orange Garden Rose never opened at all! So disappointing because I hoped to have fuller arrangements. The color was amazing, almost a salmon pinky color mixed with yellow. I left the six closed blossoms (guard petals removed) with a friend in hopes that they would open but they never did.
-Miso Pretty Garden Rose was a very pretty light pink rose that opened fully by Saturday morning.
-Smiles in the Sky Garden Rose was my most favorite! Opened and looked great by Saturday (even better Sunday) they were a soft peachy pink with a darker peach centers. Small scalloped edges. (See the close up picture of the kitchen arrangement)

Overall a pretty good experience and I would definitely order again. I liked being able to choose from the numerous garden roses listed under the Whimsical Sample Pack. I read up on each variety prior to selecting them. I have had a bit of experience working with flowers and was happy with the quality that was delivered. I wish I had insisted to keep my original Wednesday delivery. It turned out okay as a baby shower is not a high pressure situation. If I were planning to do a wedding I would use the Garden Rose Sample Pack to "test" the roses I wanted to use prior to the actual event.

I am excited to treat myself to a Whimsical Garden Rose Sample Pack soon!

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