Brianne and Travis's Whimsical Wedding

After searching store after store for flowers that looked even remotely like what I had envisioned for my wedding, I kept coming up short. I stumbled upon FiftyFlowers and my love affair with flowers began again. I really wanted peonies but they were extremely hard to come by at the time of my wedding and FiftyFlowers recommended peony roses. When they came in their scent filled up my entire house and made my impending wedding day actually feel like a reality, they were perfection and are now my favorite flower. The black roses were dark and beautiful and exactly what I envisioned. That was my husband's one request, he wanted something black. It turned out that the lavender allure roses that smelled like heaven were the exact same flowers my mother had at her wedding 28 years ago! I had no idea, it made the flowers even that much more special. She cried when she saw them. I will never forget that day, and what made it even better was the prompt service, the great advice, and the many updates from FiftyFlowers that soothed my stressed mind and made it a perfect day. The flowers perked up immediately when they were put in water. My entire family helped me put together the flowers. My daddy and my Nanna made all the boutonnieres and lovingly made my baby sister's/flower girl's ivy crown. My daddy had never worked with flowers before but he said he might quit construction and become a florist because he loved it so much. My aunts and my mother made all the bridesmaids bouquets and my toss bouquet. My uncles and my cousins and my five brothers brought the flowers to where they needed to go and added a touch here or there, but mostly gave lots of advice! My fiance and I worked together to make my stunning cascading bridal bouquet. It was such a great experience having my whole family in my home, coming together to make something so special for our wedding day. Thank you FiftyFlowers for bringing my family together and for making my bridal dreams come true. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Mrs. Brianne Newcomb

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