Bouquets and centerpieces in three hours

I Love FiftyFlowers

We heard the horror stories of DIY flowers... People told me I was CRAZY to attempt to do all my own wedding bouquets and centerpieces: that it would take too long, that the stems would dye my hands green, that everyone would be able to tell it was DIY. But no. It went perfectly with the help of Fifty Flowers. All of the flowers I ordered were absolutely gorgeous and perfect. I had four people helping me and we finished all of the bouquets and centerpieces in three hours the day before the wedding. The roses smelled amazing and were perfect from delivery to the day of. I highly recommend saving yourself thousands of dollars and going the DIY route if you are someone who likes that kind of thing!

The two other flowers that I ordered from Fifty Flowers are not on this review because I panicked and ordered more flowers on a separate order--which I'm so glad that I did! I also ordered Bulk Pink Spray Roses and Creamy Ivory Peony Roses. They added so much to the decor.

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