Boho Rustic Fairytale Wedding Story

Alecia's vision for her wedding was an elegant boho theme with lots of mixed metals. She asked my longtime friend, Liz, who had worked for a florist many years ago to do her flowers, so we set out to create Alecia's vision. I knew nothing about flowers, so I spent several weekends researching websites and the availability of specific flowers she wanted. I was completely overwhelmed and terrified to take on the task of 9 bridesmaid bouquets, 9 boutonnieres, 5 corsages, 23 round tables plus the 26 seat head table, a grand staircase, the massive fireplace and the huge altar but YouTube proved to provide the education I needed. My husband built copper stands from Home Depot pipe and we cut 3-inches to make 18 copper cylinder vases. I created a spreadsheet based on internet information and when I finally hit the "check-out" button I thought - "what have I done?!". I have just spent $2,500 on flowers and have no clue what I'm doing! Because of the July 4th holiday - we had to order 300 stems 2 days earlier than desirable and I was terrified. I had to store buckets of flowers in Alicia's apartment refrigerator and the delicate astilbe survived perfectly. Cynthia from FiftyFlowers reached out to me to help answer questions and provide several replacements for flowers that weren't available at the last minute. She was "on it" and made me feel comfortable with the delivery dates and proper care. As you can see from the photos - they flowers were gorgeous! I'm thrilled we were able to pull it off even if we did spend 3 nights in a hotel room with the thermostat set at 60 degrees to keep flowers cool.

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