Boho Floral Barn Wedding

I knew that for my wedding I wanted LOTS of greenery and flowers. I discussed my options with local florists, and the pricing was outrageous! I was also told that many of the flowers I really wanted were impossible to get, since they weren't in season. This really bummed me out until I discovered Fifty Flowers! I was able to get what I wanted: LOTS of greenery, white designer anemones (even in the fall), garden roses (I was told I wouldn't be able to afford this), carnations, mums, blue thistle (I was told I couldn't have this either), and even other fillers! I was a little nervous about ordering, but after browsing TONS of flower stories, I was confident I could make this work. With the help of my aunt Kendra and family, we were able to make my DREAM bouquet and bridesmaid bouquets. I wanted them super full, and that is exactly what I got. I loved every single centerpiece and arrangement we made, especially because I got to pick the flowers I wanted instead of being told what I would get, due to the season, by the local florists. I would use Fifty Flowers again in a heartbeat! I recommend them every chance I get and I want to let every bride that sees this: Its okay! Take the chance, you will love it!

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