Bohemian Greenhouse Wedding

I kept going back and forth on whether I wanted a professional to make the flowers or if I wanted to do them myself. I got quoted at 5 different shops in the town of our wedding which averaged out to being close to $1500 and that was not including the greenery for centerpieces. 3 weeks before the wedding I decided to take the leap to do the flowers ourselves. I am so happy we did. We ended up paying less then half and that was even counting enough for the centerpieces plus a ton more! 2 days before the wedding we prepared the bouquets and corsages and the day of we made the centerpieces. My grandma ended up finding tons of silver at local thrift stores and it complimented the flowers perfectly. I knew since we were doing it at a greenhouse the flowers would have to be a huge part of our decorating. I really loved making our own bouquets because I feel like they turned out exactly how I dreamed they would look.

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