Bohemian Barn Wedding

Our wedding was held on May 4th("May the fourth be with you"). My Husband is a big star wars fan and I am somewhat of a hippie as some would say. I love to be different and he loves traditions. I really focused on being different, simple, bright & colorful, yet natural. My Mother worried about ordering wholesale flowers and having them open up and stay beautiful for the wedding. They ended up being just perfect, minus one small bunch that the petals were all falling off by the decorating time. Unwrapping and trimming the flowers did take some time and effort. We bought several 5 gal buckets to place them in after opening them all up.
I loved the whole mismatch idea. We used random single or double stems in colored glass vases for each table. About 5 vases per table and we had 17 tables. The bridesmaids and I made our own bouquets the day of the wedding. It was a lot of fun. We ordered in flower crowns to match from a local flower farm and they turned out wonderful as well. The bohemian bunch would have been my favorite if it hadn't been for the huge bucket of green ones, in my opinion they did not fit in well with our theme or the title of the flowers we ordered. We ended up having left over flowers that we did not use even after we decorated the entire teepee. I probably could have gotten away with just 2 sets instead of 3, but I liked having enough to choose from for everything and not having to use sparingly. Overall I am very pleased with my choice to order wholesale and do it all my self.

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