Blueberry Roses

I ordered the Blueberry Roses from FiftyFlowers. I used the FiftyFlowers website extensively to research what was available on my date and to choose a color scheme. I ordered the rest of my flowers from a local shop in order to be able to get them in smaller amounts. This was unfortunate, because the local shop did not get the colors I asked for and the quality wasn't good. Consequently, I was much less happy with my own bridal bouquet than I was with the Bridesmaids bouquets, which were the correct color and were gorgeous. I also used these blueberry roses in the table centerpieces, for the boutonnieres, and in a large basket arrangement that we put in front of a photo of my father, who had to attend in spirit. I got lots of compliments on the flowers, and my bridesmaids particularly loved them. I hope in the future FiftyFlowers will try to find away to allow customers to order in smaller amounts. Maybe package deals where they can pick the bunches, or just charging for shipping? I was extremely disappointed with what my local florist came up with, and my designs would have turned out even better if I had been able to get all of the colors exactly as I wished. The local florist suggested I spray paint the flowers, but I simply didn't have time to fix all of them. The choice of exotic colors available from FiftyFlowers, and the ability to see exactly what is available on which dates are particularly wonderful for discriminating independent designers like myself.

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