Birthdays by the Decade

In my family, we have a wide assortment of people all born in years ending in 8; which meant that this year, they would all be turning a variety of ages ending in 0: from my cousin turning 20 to my grandmother turning 80. My grandmother wanted to celebrate this occasion with a party to bring together close family and friends in recognition of this rather remarkable feat. She asked for my help in finding centerpieces as our local florist would be on vacation that week. I knew just where to turn and began looking up different red and white flower options (her requested colors). Another family friend was tasked with creating the ten wooden boxes that would house the centerpieces. Sticking with the rustic look, I opted for more of a wildflower-like feel and trusted that the combo packs would supply us with enough texture and variety. When the day came to put together the centerpieces, I created one box with one-tenth of the flowers, finding the right balance and fullness. Then it was really simple to plug in the rest of the flowers in the same pattern for the remaining boxes. This way, they were all equally filled but still unique with the natural variation of each flower. I can't thank FiftyFlowers enough for having these great combo packs available and always coming through with beautiful flowers that make me look so good!

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