Best Wedding Planning Decision!

I started out in a florist shop trying to cut corners to fit the budget, but the whole time I was thinking how fun it would be to put the flowers together myself. I'm not really one of those DIY people, but I LOVE flowers!!! I knew what colors I wanted and that I wanted mostly roses with some happy daisies (plus Pinterest pictures). My mom was probably really nervous because it sounded like a lot of work. I'm glad I went to a florist shop first because I was able to look through her recommendations for flowers and then used the flower names when I came here to fifty flowers to start my search. Fifty flowers had exactly what I wanted and when I was still nervous, they provided the live chat and phone call that sold me! We were able to send pictures back and forth while on the phone; my consultant suggested a shopping cart to me that would get me all the flowers that I wanted and stay in budget, plus assured me the flowers were the color I was looking for. I had time to think about it before making my order. Flower arranging was my favorite part of the wedding decor setup. My mom helped me process the flowers, and I taught some friends how to make the corsages and boutonnieres (after watching a youtube video). The bouquets were a piece of cake! I had friends do the centerpieces and floral crowns. I mostly did bouquets and large arrangements for centerpieces as well. The flowers were gorgeous! In my opinion, (despite what every florist says) you CAN'T go wrong with flowers. Do it yourself with the wonderful support provided by fifty flowers. They will be beautiful and you can have fun arranging them too!

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