Best Friend's Wedding.

I ordered these flowers for my best friend's wedding as we were making the bouquets ourselves. The price was right and the delivery was perfectly timed (we were ordering in kind of a crunch time ... the week of the wedding). We ordered red and white roses.

When we were assembling the bouquets and took the red roses out of the box no one could stop talking about how beautiful they were. They were perfect! The bride's bouquet was made primarily with these flowers and it was stunning!! We received the flowers Thursday, and the wedding was Saturday. The bouquet looked even more beautiful on the wedding day than when we first assembled it.

We were disappointed with the white roses when we unwrapped them from the box because the majority of the flowers already had brown tips and coloring on the petals. We made do and chose the best looking ones for the bridesmaids bouquets. By Saturday they did not look as good as they even did on Thursday. Everything was fine, though, the Bride had a beautiful wedding! Also, FiftyFlowers really take care of their customers. I wrote to them regarding these flowers and they took the time to listen and make it right. Phenomenal customer service! Even though these particular roses did not look the best I would definitely order from FiftyFlowers in a heartbeat! Great customer service is hard to find these days.

Thank you FiftyFlowers!

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