Beautiful Hydrangeas and Centerpieces!

Three weeks before my wedding, our florist gave me an estimate of the final bill, and it was $600 more than we had agreed upon! After talking with her, I realized she didn't really even understand how I pictured the flowers for our country, farm wedding. My mom and I cancelled our order, and I took a chance on ordering from I'm so happy I did! My flowers came two days before the wedding, and they stayed beautiful until over a week after the wedding (some were still perfect almost two weeks later!). I would recommend Fifty Flowers to all brides. I ended up spending less than half of what I expected on flowers and had more flowers than I knew what to do with! I easily created all the centerpieces, bouquets, and hanging arrangements to line the center "aisle" with the help of my mom and friends, and we had a blast doing it the afternoon before the wedding. Thanks, FiftyFlowers!!

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