Beautiful Flowers - Great Customer Service

I heard about FiftyFlowers from an old high school friend, and knew that having control of the flowers for my wedding was something I wanted to do. I only spoke to one florist who quoted me about $200 for a bridal bouquet and $150 for bridesmaids bouquets. I knew I could handle the flowers on my own - I think that I got exactly what I wanted for my flowers and if a florist did them, the flowers definitely would have been more expensive. The flowers were absolutely beautiful - although the anemones were way too delicate and arrived brownish and closed. I would not recommend these if you are a worrier! I could not use them for the wedding. They did open up on the day of and after the wedding and were very pretty. FiftyFlowers ended up shipping us a different flower (white lisianthus) to take place of the anemones and they worked out great! The ranunculus stems were quite short so we hadn't planned on that and ended up just using them as centerpieces, but still very beautiful. We planned the wedding in two months so FiftyFlowers was great to work with! The customer service was great, but I do think the prices could have been a bit better - a local florist had similar prices. The flowers were definitely A LOT of work, but we were able to pull it off. They were absolutely beautiful. It is definitely risky taking all this on but you can definitely do it! I would definitely go this route again having now had the experience. I think that I maybe would have done a dry run with flowers from a local florist or something to practice making the bouquets and bouts, etc. I was really pleasantly surprised at how beautiful the flowers were and how great the customer service was too!

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