Beautiful Flowers for Wedding Centerpieces!

I admit, I was a little hesitant to order the flowers for my wedding centerpieces online...but I am SO happy I ordered them from! We ordered 75 of the Purple Tinted Roses and 100 White Carnations. They arrived right on time when they were scheduled to (Wednesday morning before my Saturday wedding). I received email notifications on when they were shipped and delivered and we were also called within 30 minutes of delivery to ensure that they arrived ok and to see if everything was alright. The flowers were absolutely beautiful and very easy to prep for arranging. We arranged them the day after delivery and the arrangements turned out far better than expected. The purple tinted roses were the perfect color and bloomed to a perfect size by the day of the wedding. We took the arrangements to the reception venue the day before the wedding and I was a little worried they might wilt for the wedding but they did not at all (we put soaked florist foam in the bottom of the centerpieces). They were gorgeous and we got so many compliments on them, even asking what florist we got them done by! I would recommend this company to anyone for their unbelievable customer service, accurate delivery, and beautiful flowers. My only regret is that we didn't order more to do all of our own bouquets and boutonnieres! Our centerpieces were way better than any of the flowers our florist did!

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