Beautiful Flowers for my daughter's beautiful wedd

To save some money I decided to create the centerpieces myself. I bought square vases, added ribbon and then had to figure out how to get the flowers to go in the vases! I searched for a wholesale distributer close to the venue of the wedding (not my home) but did not find one. I stumbled upon FiftyFlowers and decided to give them a try. I loved that the flowers came already grouped for the centerpieces. The flowers arrived the Wednesday before the wedding. I did the first cut and got them in water right away. On Thursday I recut the flowers to the correct length, put them in the vases and then stood back to admire how incredible beautiful they looked. The first picture was the Thursday before the wedding, the third picture is of the flowers a full 7 days after I received them. Other than the roses, the rest of the flowers still look amazing! Thanks to FiftyFlowers I was able to cut the cost of the centerpieces in by more than a half.

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